Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Music Is Everywhere

Music Is Everywhere

Music is everywhere. What is so interesting about music? With music, there is never a dull moment.  According to Meklit Hadero, "the world is alive with musical expression." This was one of the best things that she said in the Ted Talk video. She made me realize that music is really everywhere. Even something random like a lid can have a beat to it. We hear music and beats in our everyday routine. Every morning I wake up to birds chirping. She also showed the people what a bird chirping slowed down sounds like. It sounds exactly like an opera singer warming up. The fact that two completely different things sound exactly the same is crazy and amazingly beautiful. There's never a time where the world is completely silent. Everything in this world has some sort of beat or musical sound to it. 
We all have different tastes in music. It speaks to us in different ways, whether it's rap, hip hop, country, or rock. Different songs bring out a different side of someone. It means something special to everyone. I like rap, why? Some rappers actually rap about their struggles and how they made it to the top by themselves. Rap is like poetry that has a beat to it. Mexican music is the type of music my whole family listens to, it brings us all together. Music is something beautiful that nature sometimes creates. It is one way that you can express yourself. Sometimes, it even calms you down, it can be your stress reliever. To me, music helps me escape reality. 


  1. I like how you express music in a eccentric and beautiful way. You sound like you are very passionate about music, and I think it's nice.

  2. Music is k. But you act like phokay. You tell people nok, but really I want you to say ok.

  3. I really like how you explained music and how you put your words.

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